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  • The Current Chronicle.

    For a long while little has been said about Mira’s Hope. Existing at the periphery of the grand wars and diplomatic games of the larger nations, but also lodged squarely on the pulse of the Kingdom of Vyss, this little paradox acts as a conduit between the beating heart of Vyss and the rest of Imarel. What comes to Vyss by ship normally comes by way of Mira’s Hope. This middle-man position has turned the colony from a small backwater into a focus point for Imarel’s trade. And this trade is, far and away, the reason that this small city-state has been able to go unmolested for as long as it has existed.

    The guiding principle of Mira’s Hope is to take in the castaways, the rabble, and the unwanted parts of society, and to give them a place to live and a society of their own. Though founded by Mira Y`Saen-Stormdancer to provide a safe haven for the outlawed and persecuted half-elves, now the rejected, expatriated, and tribeless people of Imarel who need somewhere to call home find that home in Mira’s Hope. This coastal city opens her arms to all spurned people of the world and gives them a place to live, food to eat, and work they can be proud of.

    Originally the settlement that would become Mira’s hope had a different name. Mira named it Serys, the shei word for Hope. That is what it went by until her death and the people that lived there and remembered her re-named the city. Still central to it all is her original home. Though it has changed over the years, and it nows serves as the sprawling hotel named Mira’s Arms. Still the residence of Mira’s descendants, the hotel acts as a luxury resort and rehabilitation center for newcomers to the city. It reflects the feeling of the city in a combination of an insular rural community and bustling commercial hub.

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